Developing professionally since 2011
Focused on Python right now. Learning all sorts of other stuff.
Dev experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum
I live in Edinburgh and/or Prague
$6500 in Facebook security bug bounty (2011)
Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
Gold Badge of Czech Debating Association
Silver and Bronze at UK Math Challenge
Currently working on contracts for AgFunder and
Feel free to email me.
  github: "",
  so: "",
  linkedin: "",
  email: "[email protected]",
  gpg_key: "",
  last_fm: "",
  good_reads: "",

  freelance: {
      "projectonaut": "First paid work, just helping out",
      "topsceneries": "Startup that did not go anywhere",
      "": "Backend, devops, written in Django",
      "": "Pub site, had beer for free",
      "forhaus": "Restaurant websie, not used anymore",
      "": "Air company presentation"
  experience: {
    seeder: {
      years: 2,
      public_url: "",
      responsibility: "Full stack development",
      client: "National Library"
    coex: {
      months: 14,
      website: "",
      responsibility: "Fulltime Django development"
  languages: [
    "Native Czech", 
    "Proficient English", 
    "Limited Spanish"],
  awards: {
    facebook: "$6500 in Security bug bounty",
    dofe: "Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award",
    debating: "Bronze, Silver and Gold Badge", 
    math: "Silver and Bronze at UK Math Challenge"
  technologies: [
    "Django / Geo Django", "PostgreSQL", 
    "Ubuntu / Debian dev ops", "Facebook API", 
    "Bitcoin", "Ethereum", "Angular.js", 
    "MongoDB", "RethinkDB", "nginx", 
    "Bootstrap", "Unit tests", "Ethereum",
    "Balance and Frontend testing", 
    "Stripe", "Braintree", "Bank APIs"