I am Visgean.

Hi, I am a mostly Python developer . I created this blog as an experiment on frontend encryption but nowdays I kind of use it as a normal blog. If you wish to receive updates you can subscribe to RSS feed. I deleted Google analytics from this site because I dont want to track you so I have literally no idea if anybody ever reads this blog.

My professional careeer in programming includes:

    github: "https://github.com/visgean",
    stack_overflow: "https://stackoverflow.com/users/823281/visgean-skeloru",
    linkedin: "https://cz.linkedin.com/in/visgean",
    email: "[email protected]",
    gpg_key: "https://visgean.me/key.asc",
    last_fm: "http://www.last.fm/user/visgean",
    good_reads: "https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/32711861-visgean-skeloru",
    experience: {
        seeder: {
            years: 2,
            public_url: "github.com/WebArchivCZ/Seeder",
            responsibility: "Everything",
            client: "National Library"
        coex: {
            months: 14,
            website: "coex.cz",
            responsibility: "Django development of bussiness sites"
        freelance: {
            "projectonaut": "My first paid work, just helping out though.",
            "topsceneries": "Our photography startup that failed, shit happens.",
            "klckrystof.cz": "Backend and servers, written in Django. ",
            "vycepnastojaka.cz": "Website for a pub, I had beers for free there!",
            "forhaus": "Another Django project, its getting boring.",
            "filtracnitechnika.cz": "Django project for an air company!",
            "irenalerman.cz": "Personal website, love those!"
    languages: ["Native Czech", "Proficient English", "Limited Spanish"],
    activities: {
        debating: "Debated and judged over 180 academic debates since 2009.",
        running: "Yap, I am one of those, see http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running",
        gym: "I like to angrily head-butt my crotch. Read the Oatmeal!",
        reading: "See my goodreads profile."
    awards: {
        facebook: "$6500 in Security bug bounty programme, lot of money for nothing",
        dofe: "Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award",
        debating: "Bronze, Silver and Gold Badge", 
        math: "Silver and Bronze at UK Mathematics Trust Math Challenge"
    technologies: [
        "Django / Geo Django", "PostgreSQL", "Ubuntu", "Debian administration", 
        "Facebook Graph API", "Bitcoin", "Ethereum", "Angular.js", "MongoDB", 
        "RethinkDB", "nginx", "Bootstrap", "Unit tests", "Ethereum",
        "Balance and Frontend testing", "Stripe", "Braintree", "Czech Bank APIs"