Yesterday I started to play with conky and now about twenty hours later I can say I got it to the shape that I am pleased with it. It might not be as pretty as other Conkies are but it actually displays things that I need to see. Because your Conky might be displaying you your network activity, disk usage and other balast. But why do you even care? I mean its good to have access to these things when you are resolving some kind of issue but there is no reason to starte at them. So instead my conky displaus following:

  1. Time and date. I tend to forget about it so its good.
  2. Calendar agenda from my google calendar. Its easy overview what I need to do today.
  3. List of things I need to do from Trello.
  4. Statistics of how I am doing in my projects and subjecs - how much money I earned this month and how much I am slacking by - in percentage.

here is the screenshot: