Updated May 2019

Friends (I HAVE FRIENDS OK) asked me for things to do in Prague, so I created this list. Its mostly things that I have done in Prague, not aspiring to be a real guide or anything.


  • NEVER EVER EXCHANGE MONEY ON STREET, it is illegal to offer such a service so it will always be a scam. Just get money from ATM.
  • If you want to change euros to czk do it in Mcdonalds or Lidl or Tesco - buy something small and pay with euros, they will give you back money using the official rate. You should not have a problem with paying with Euros in malls and larger chain shops, but in local places or small pubs they might try to give you a bad rate or tell you to fuck off.
  • Don’t use Euronet blue ATMs, use KB, Raiffeisenbank, or airbank. Overall most ATMs are fine but euronet sometimes tries to push bad exchange rates.
  • Full meal costs about 150-250 CZK (5-8 GBP) depending on how turistic it is.
  • Beer costs about 40 CZK, if it is something special it might be more. If it costs more than 100 CZK you are probably in a super turistic place and it’s time to leave.
  • If I am visiting I usually spend about 250 on lunch (food and drink), 250 on dinner and 500 drinking at night (that is like 7 beers and shots).
  • Pre-drinking is not a thing. Just go to the pub if you want to drink.

Public transport:

  • To get from aiport take bus 119 to Nadrazi Veleslavin, it takes about 50 minutes to get from Airport to the center.
  • Buy the damm tickets for transportation. The fine is about 60 eur and a single ticket for 90 minutes costs about one Eur, so buy like 10 of them.
  • You can buy tickets online using the PID litacka application, Android and iPhone, you can buy tickets before you come to prague and then activate them later.
  • Tickets are valid for all modes of transportation, if you buy 3-day ticket you can basically stop thinking about all of it.
  • Revizors (people who check tickets) don’t give a shit for any reason you might have for not having ticket. So make sure you have a ticket. They sometimes wait for people going to the airport because they know these people tend not to have a ticket.
  • You can use Uber or Liftago Android, iPhone which is a proper taxi service, if you just jump into random taxi’s you might get ridiculously inflated prices.


  • For navigation you can use Google maps but they don’t have all connections. Use IDOS to get around city and country, iOS, Android.
  • Install maps.me for offline maps and download data for Czech Republic. iOS, Android.
  • People walk on the right. On escalators you are expected to stand on the right and make space for people walking on the left.
  • Crossing street on red light might get you fined for about 10 EUR.
  • Being loud or aggressive is not ok even if you are wasted, so if you are used to UK drunk behaviour you should appreciate how chill people are here when they are drunk.
  • Prague is one of the safest cities, here is bullshit statistics to prove it. But while nobody will try to steal your shit violently there is plenty of pick-pocketing, be careful in public spaces. Don’t leave stuff behind your back and don’t expect strangers to look out for your stuff unless you explicitly ask them.
  • If you walk in the center around midnight plenty of people will try to speak to you and offer you drugs or prostitutes. Don’t accept either of it. The drugs they would sell you are probably shit anyway. The best strategy to deal with these people is just to completely ignore them, if they are standing on a corner and waiting for you to make an eye contact with them then it’s obvious they want to scam you in one way or another. So don’t even say “Hi” back or anything, just walk past them.

Beers to try

  • Svijany
  • Cerny kozel, (Dark kozel)
  • Plzen (Pilsen)

Getting drunk

  • Krymska popular street with a lot of pubs and cafes.
  • Naplavka - area next to the river, lots of hipsters and tourists, pubs and concerts. It has a very good view on the castle especially during the night.
  • Letenske sady this is a cool place to have a drink and watch the city at night.
  • Vzorkovna - undeground pub, kind of cool, you have to buy credits at entrance, don’t be scared.
  • Kasarna Karlin - this is temporal so try it while it lasts, its really nice hipster space
  • Kavárna Jarda Mayer - pretty surreal pub, very local
  • Shotgun - there is only one reason to go to this place.

Náměstí Bratří Synků sort of pub tour

I used to live here, these are pubs that are very close so you can do sort of pub tour, this place is 10m by tram from Vaclav Square

  • Bašta - very tradional pub and restaurant, I can recommend Quarter roast duck stuffed with potato pancakes and sauerkraut.
  • Zlý Časy - another traditional pub which has the largest offer of beers, its just 200m from the Basta.
  • Pohoda - this one is aimed at locals, so if you want to get gist of what a night life for normal people looks in Prague then go here. They usually go until 3am and the booz is cheap so get wasted! The night trams are just next to it so you are good to go.


  • Hotel Imperial super fancy and not that expansive restaurant, you should get a reservation.
  • T-Anker restaurant this was one of my favourite restaurants, it has a good view on Prague. Unless you are going on Friday or Saturday evening you should not need reservation.
  • Klub cestovatelu - middle eastern restaurant. I usually just go for Masala chai.
  • banh-mi-ba - we have the largest vietnamese diaspora per capita and they make good food, there is plenty of cheap vietnamese restaurants but not that many fancy ones. The banh-mi-ba is relatively new chain that offers baguette in vietnamese style. They offer full dishes as well.

Coffee places

Stuff to do in the morning

Places to check out

Obviously you should go check out the touristic stuff that all normal guides recommend, but if you just want to chill here are some ideas

  • Slovansky ostrov you can rent one of these stupid boats here - it costs about $10 and you can get drunk on the river.
  • Vysehrad - castle complex and there are some pubs with nice view on the top.
  • Palladium - this is a good shopping mall.
  • Zizkov TV tower - most people hate this tower, I love it. You can walk around in the area it is very chill