I had a Twitter account for a few years, I was not very active user, I posted mostly about my projects and sometimes about politics. Most of my followers knew my from real life and was not really interested in what I am doing so overall it was not very successful platform for me.

So when I finished reading So you have been publicly shamed I decided that I dont really need to support social network that makes online harassment and shaming much more easier and normalized. It was an easy decision that did not cost me any opportunities so I am not thinking about starting twitter ever agian.

I think that Facebook does much better job at protecting its users as the default settings are not set to your friends. Twitter should have mechanisms for calming down the hate storms: one way it could work is that if you have a user that has been without big audiance and suddenly receieves shit-ton of negative tweets they should supress visibility of such tweets. Here is why I oppose the current situation on twitter:

  • We don’t need public shaming of normal citizens. I am not against shaming politicians or generally public personalities. But our society should not shame random people who just happend to be filmed doing something stupid. If they deserve to be punished I demand that a judge does it.
  • 50 000 users judging your 10 minutes of life will still provide worse decision that a single judge who will look at the facts properly and will provide you with option to present your case.
  • If you still struggle to see why its bad imagine 15 000 4chan accounts tweeting hate against you. Such thing happened and resulted in job terminations and similar.
  • Its far too easy to spread hate on twitter - it costs nothing ad has a huge boost to your ego. Democratic engagement action should require a long time dedication and true conviction for your goals. Most of the twitter users have 3 days attention span and by the time they destroy people careers they move to the next thing.