Facebook has worked very hard in recent years to improve privacy. I suspect that Mark feels threatened by mood change in society - already we can see his obsession with Snapchat. His analysist can probably show him that users are discomforted with how much the world can see.

We all posted shit posts and stories in the teen years. No matter if it was myspace or blogs… But I think that control of how the content we created few years ago is very important. Facebook would benefit from wider controls of how to deal with new friends - for example if you acccept a new request it should ask you right away what you want to show them:

  • all posts
  • only fresh post - from past 3 months
  • only posts that you create after you add them

This is I think more reflecting the nature of human sharing in real world. If you make a new friend in real life you don’t automatically give them access to all of your albums, ideas and your past friends. I value the photos from high school, yet I don’t think my new friend from work that I barely know should have access to that.