About a month ago my old laptop started to experience powering issues when I moved a bit the display. Long story short: I tried to repair and I fucked it up beyond repair. I was looking for cheap laptop to get by and I was recommended x220. I ordered the i5 version from Ebay and it was delivered in about three days. It cost me about 120 GBP - its the version with 4gb of RAM and HDD. I wanted to use my SSD which did not work out of the box - I had to install windows 10 in order to update bios. But after installing SSD and additional memory (now I am at 8GB) its much more faster then my old computer.

The good stuff:

  • very cheap
  • with SSD and extra memory (up to 16GB) its still reasonably fast - I had no problem running two virtual systems and three chrome apps at the same time.
  • The keyboard is better then on any laptop. Say what you want but this laptop will beat any of the new ones.
  • Everything on Linux works out of the box.
  • Fingerprint integration is nice and easy see Fingerprint GUI
  • My model had a new battery and keyboard.
  • Its not that heavy.
  • You can switch Fn and Ctrl keys in the bios
  • If you destroy you can always buy a new one.
  • The built quality is good.

The bad stuff

  • The touchpad is shit. This is because also provided support for the trackball. I dont use that so I am disappointed. The physical buttons of the touchpad takes way too much space.
  • Its a bit heavy.
  • The resolution could be better.
  • The keyboard lamp is kind of awkward.

Overall its meant to be a cheap replacament laptop and I am very happy with this choice. So if you just watered down your laptop and have no money to xpare go for Lenovo x220 (i5 version though).