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Visgean Skeloru

Python / Django developer.

  • Django / GeoDjango

    I have started with Django about five years ago. Since than I have developed many applications either as full-stack developer or as a backend programmer. I have been commercially programming in Django since 2011. I have experience with DjCelery and GeoDjango. I used micro-frameworks such as Flask and Falcon but I feel most comfortable with Django.

  • Ubuntu / Debian

    I have been exclusively using Ubuntu on my PC since 2008. I sysadmined about ten Debian/Apache based servers, these days I fancy nginx.

  • Cloud integration

    I have a few sites hosted on Heroku and optimized/delivered by CloudFlare. Apart from these I also used Open Shift and I have done quite a lot of work with Facebook API.

  • PostgreSQL / MongoDB

    PostgreSQL is my favourite db for its performance and GeoDjango support. Recently I used MongoDB. While at first I enjoyed the freedom of structureless documents they turned out to be impossible to maintain. That is where mongoengine helped. I toyed around briefly with RethinkDB.

  • Frontend stack

    Working with html frameworks such as bootstrap, materialize.css or foundation was lovely experience. I usually poke a little-bit into css but than it pokes back so I stick to backend.
    When it comes to Javascript I get things done but I would not call myself an expert. I loved working with Angular.js and I am somewhat ok with jQuery. Right now I am having good times with Underscore.js and I am definitely looking forward for wider adaption of ECMA 6.

  • Tools

    In order to increase my productivity... actually I am just lazy, that's why. I try to automatize what can be automatized. This backfires sometimes.
    I use virtualenv with virtualenvwrapper for all of my projects. For the deployment I have used Fabric, githooks and cloud-specific tools. Pycharm checks that I code according to pylint and PEP-8. For some projects I have set up Vagrant but usually I don't need it.

  • Testing

    I have experience with Unit testing, complex testing with Selenium and load testing via Locust. For the real world I use Sentry.

  • Card processing

    In past years I have successfully implemented Stripe, Braintree and Paypal. Apart from cards I worked with Czech banking APIs (Raiffeisenbank and FioBank). But I have to admit that their APIs are very obsolete and limited.

  • Two factor authentication

    I am still surprised how easy it was to implement mobile authentication with sms code verifications.