Hi, I am Martin, but I go by Visgean on the internet. I am professional software developer with 10 years of experience. I have worked in Edinburgh, London, Prague and remotely for a company in San Francisco. See my CV for details. I am an EU citizen.


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Martin worked with us for a few months at Opensignal, and managed to build a fully featured api for our new visualisation platform well within the expected time scale. He picked up the context around the project extremely quickly and was a resource to the team from day one. He handed us over a well designed and maintainable code base. I would happily work with him again!

-- Clement Bouscasse, Technical Lead at OpenSignal (London)

Martin is highly skilled and a pleasure to work with. Technically he is very competent in the various technologies we used. I have worked with many developers, and have found that technical competence alone is not sufficient -- he also brings tenacity and strong soft skills which are key for more advanced work.

He often foresees issues in advance, and is skilled at navigating the many decisions that need to be made in designing good systems. He thinks through implications and edge cases, and can explain his thinking clearly, which is rare. He writes and diagrams clearly to convey and convince with his technical findings, which benefits the team.

He is a leader, successfully managing two other developers on our projects with great results.

I recommend Martin without reservation.

-- Robin Chauhan, Head of Engineering, AgFunder (SF, CA)

We brought Martin in as a temporary replacement to a 3-person Django team, and dumped a number of messy legacy projects on him during a very unstable period in terms of server issues, all with very little in terms of handover. Martin handled all this remarkably well, demonstrating excellent organisational, diagnostic and devops skills, which was all bonus as we hired him primarily as a developer. It was really a stroke of luck and the company were extremely grateful to have had him there. His developer skills - in terms of raw programming ability, problem understanding, design decisions, knowledge of best practices and overall breadth of experience - are also second to none. I really enjoyed coding alongside Martin. All in all, it was a pleasure and reassurance having him in the team, and I have no hesitation recommending him to any dev team.

-- Andrew Buchan, NovarumDX