Hi, I am Martin, but I go by Visgean on the internet. I am interested in renewables, deep learning, weather and software engineering in general.

I am freelance software engineer offering to contract outside IR35 in London. My CV is here.


Secondary skills:

Pet projects:



2019 and before:

Paid open source:


I graduated with honours degree in Computer science from University of Edinburgh. You can see some of my photos from that time here.

Final year project - Deep RL

My final year project was to learn walk-like behaviour on simulated dog-like robot with end to end deep reinforcement learning.

Read my final year project report here (received an A). Or watch some funny videos of learned behaviour below:

Machine learning for weather prediction

For our Machine Learning Practical course we tried out various deep learning techniques to predict weather. We used Weather Bench dataset that made it very easy to evaluate our results and also included pre-processing of the data. Read the report.