Notes on developing grid

31.08.2020, to see all post click here.

I have started developing grid - explorer for photos that allows for easy filtering of photos based on EXIF parameters.

Deploying process

deploying the service locally:

/home/visgean/p/webs/tintinburgh-build $ serve -p 8000 .

rebuilding the app on change:

~/p/picture-grid (master)$ npm run build-watchpwd

generating file that contains information about exif tags and thumbnails.

~/gits/interwebs/tintinburgh (master)$ python


Instead of running all of the above commands every time i want to work on the project I can use teamocil grid which will open the windows automatically. (check this thread for alternative approaches. )

I use following configuration:

$ cat .teamocil/grid.yml 
  - name: deploying
    root: ~/p/picture-grid
    layout: even-horizontal
      - serve -p 8000 ~/p/webs/tintinburgh-build
      - npm run build-watch
  - name: tintinburgh
    root: ~/gits/interwebs/tintinburgh
    layout: even-horizontal
      - workon interwebs; python