Technical rants

Hello, this is a place where I put technical rants and random notes on technology. If you want to know a bit about me click here

17.04.2024: Instant messengers in 2024

Like everyone else right now I have about 30 different apps for messaging in my phone, each has its drawbacks and uses, so I thought I would write a bit how I use them. iMessage This seems nice... Read more

06.09.2023: Culture fit

What I enjoy: discovering new industries and problems iterative development - with frequent feedback and direct evaluation with end users open source - I try to develop out in open as much as... Read more

06.09.2023: I hate commit linter

As the title says: I hate commit linter. I don't hate the project per se, but I hate that I have already been working for 2 companies that forced it into pre-commit. What is a good commit message?... Read more

05.09.2023: Excel + Python?

Microsoft announced Excel integration of Python. While I am happy that more people will enjoy programming I am a bit terrified by the prospect that one day I will get approached by some finance... Read more

07.05.2023: All my laptops

Purely for nostalgia purposes here is a list of laptops I have owned over the years, I think its still missing few laptops but I am not sure. 29.10.2022 - MacBook air m2 - I have decided the... Read more

01.09.2020: How to use GPG2 with Ubikey?

Import the key into gpg2: $ gpg2 --card-edit gpg/card> fetch gpg: key ....: public key "... <>" imported gpg: Total number processed: 1 gpg: imported: 1 This will make gpg2 aware... Read more

01.09.2020: Debugging nvidia

Current state: kernel: 4.15.0-39 what works: gdm starts just fine in full resolution what does not work: after logging the screen restarts a few times and it returns to gdm Investigation: after... Read more

31.08.2020: Notes on developing grid

I have started developing grid - explorer for photos that allows for easy filtering of photos based on EXIF parameters. Deploying process deploying the service locally:... Read more

26.08.2020: Monzo experiments

The goal of this small evening project was to display my transaction history on a map and a calendar. This was partially inspired by this blog post, basically I was thinking of how to put more... Read more

20.08.2020: Django + Vue.js notes

What I want to see: How to connect the build systems together I don't want to have it all in one file, can I split it to components - of course I can, but how? Tutorial 1: CRUD App using Vue.js... Read more

24.07.2020: Pycharm notes

Settings Disable smooth scrolling - it tears on linux Add virtual space to the bottom - often times I am adding new classes at the end of the file and staring at the bottom of the screen is... Read more

15.07.2020: GPG key

Hello, this is a short guide on how to send me a file Step 1: Download and import my key: wget gpg2 --import key.asc Step 2: encrypt file gpg2 --encrypt --recipient... Read more

04.06.2020: Pet project: RC Car

A month ago I realised I never had RC car. While I could head down to amazon and buy a nice RC car for 25 pounds I have decided to make it much more expensive and complicated! I spent a few days... Read more

17.03.2020: Static site deployment

Links: random gist Digital Ocean guide another guide What does this give you: secure https and http2 caching on client side about.html -> /about/ rewrite so you have those cool urls Setting up... Read more

23.01.2020: Syncing intellij repositories over Dropbox

My repository is on github, but I also share it with Dropbox across three computers, this way I always get the same state of my working copy on all three of them - I don't need to commit changes... Read more

20.08.2019: Kaisler the cop dog

I was reading this article: "Czech mates: Why so many of the world's best police dogs hail from overseas" and I find the whole situation quite funny so I wrote a short story imaging small town cop... Read more

01.09.2018: Dell XPS setup

Base installer Quiet fans CPU frequency: use i7z ti check the frequency if cpu - if it is constantly stuck at high frequency even though nothing is using cpu you know that you are using bad... Read more