Syncing intellij repositories over Dropbox

23.01.2020, to see all post click here.

My repository is on github, but I also share it with Dropbox across three computers, this way I always get the same state of my working copy on all three of them - I don't need to commit changes in order to synchronize them. This is helpful as it reduces committing for the sake of updating/syncing.

The issue is with Intellij tools - PyCharm in my case, specifically they create the .idea folder that also get synchronized. And I keep using three different instances of Pycharm and they don't completely match each other, so often I would have a problem with mismatched virtual envs. That is no big deal but it is annoying nevertheless. The solution is experimental feature from Dropbox blog.

attr -s com.dropbox.ignored -V 1 .idea/

I think you have to execute this on all the machines, but I am not entirely sure.