Monzo experiments

26.08.2020, to see all post click here.

The goal of this small evening project was to display my transaction history on a map and a calendar. This was partially inspired by this blog post, basically I was thinking of how to put more information into my calendar to explore my behaviour - how often do I shop? Do I make a lot of small purchases?

I don't think I have really discovered anything new and interesting about my behaviour but I had fun playing with the Monzo data.





Why is it so hard to display my own data?

In general getting this data and displaying it in this form was quite complicated task. I am frustrated that data that is mine is so hard to obtain and I am not in control of it.

I think data that is produced by me should be much more available to me. It should be super easy for example to work with them in excel format. I don't think I should be doing any programming to display this data.